The Helbiz team had ICO in 2018.
Helbiz coin holders lost their money.
Now Helbiz is going to IPO on NASDAQ.
Helbiz coin holders filed a class-action case against Helbiz Inc., Salvatore Palella and others.
Case filed in New York Southern District Court on June 19, 2020

Helbiz timeline

Here is a backlog about Helbiz project, Helbiz Pay and Helbiz coin (HBZ after rebranding) that is used in Helbiz products.
From the Helbiz ICO, February 2018, - till today, when Helbiz project try to do IPO

2018, Q1:

1. February 15: Helbiz started ICO post , archived , etherscan , CranchBase archived , #HelbizCoin in Twitter , #HelbizIco on YouTube , *original site was deleted
2. March, 5: Helbiz had first #Workshop in New York
3. AmaziX stopped working with Helbiz because Helbiz isn’t transparent screen, *original deleted by lawyers request
4. March, 1: Lorenzo Pellegrino joined Helbiz as an advisor archive, *original post deleted at Medium
8. Where was introduced Helbiz Pay and Helbiz coin video , post
9. *This video deleted by Helbiz Inc. request from YouTube post , archived link
10. Forbes Italy Director Marco Barlassina ask Salvatore Palella about the ICO video ,
11. Salvatore Palella explanation, that he "put his name, reputation, connection" screen ,

2018, Q2:

12. May, 10: Helbiz partnership with Jaxx post ,
Palella tweet screen , *original tweet deleted at Twitter
13. Helbiz listing on Mercatox, Bitlish and other exchanges
14. May, 18: Helbiz listing at EXMO Exmo source , screen , *original tweet deleted at Twitter
15. May, 19: Helbiz lawyers take-down first website. In 2018 Helbiz project had complaints already screen1 , *original tweet deleted at Twitter
16. May, 25: Helbiz listing on HitBtc Goolge ,screen ,
17. May, 26: Lorenzo Pellegrino visited EXMO crypto-exchange in Kyiv
screen1 ,
18. Palella tweets about Helbiz coin
screen1 , *original tweet deleted at Twitter
screen2 ,*original tweet deleted at Twitter
screen3 ,*original tweet deleted at Twitter
screen4 , *original tweet deleted at Twitter
screen5 , *original tweet deleted at Twitter
screen5 , *original tweet deleted at Twitter
19. Helbiz team announced buyback for $ 1m
source1 - Reddit ,
source2 - Bitcointalk ,
Palella's tweet screen , *original tweet deleted at Twitter
HelbizOfficial tweet screen , *original post deleted at Twitter
20. It looks like that was lie to pump price, but price wasn't raise that time CoinMarketCap ,

2018, Q3:

21. July, 13: Helbiz announced MTL and BitLicense getting process post , source ,
22. July, 13: official Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Telegram directly with Salvatore Palella screen1 , bitcointalk ,
23. July, 30: Helbiz partnership with EXMO post , source
24. August: Helbiz team trip to Alibaba post
25. September 3: Helbiz Monday Update: Helbiz Go announce, Helbiz Pay road map and Cryptocurrency integration announce PDF archive , *original posts deleted from Medium
29. Helbiz team sold more than 300m tokens on EXMO, explained as "partnership payments" and dumped price from 0,15$ to 0,0003. As we guess whis money was paid to developers in Serbia, to create first Helbiz app.
screen1 , screen2 , screen3 , etherscan , CoinMarketCap

2018, Q4:

30. October: Helbiz Go launch post , tweet
31. Helbiz hiring people
hiring post ,
team post
HelbizOfficial tweet , *original tweet deleted at Twitter
34. October, 29: Helbiz announced swap program for Babylonia. As we guess, Babylonia was created by Helbiz team screen , screen 2 , video , *original posts deleted
35. December, 11: Babylonia get 87m Helbiz coin and send to Helbiz main wallet screen , etherscan , *original posts deleted
36. As result "Babylonia" deleted site, Twitter and Facebook pages Twitter , Facebook , site , *original posts deleted

2019, Q1:

37. Helbiz Partnership with Telepass post , source
38. Helbiz renamed the Helbiz coin to HBZ
39. Helbiz closed, and open
40. Helbiz deleted all information about ICO
41. Helbiz updated WhitePaper, and finally deleted it
42. Helbiz deleted Helbiz coin information from all social accaunts
44. Helbiz payments are a live in Helbiz app post archived post
47. March, 8: Helbiz mention private Blockchaine post , archived , *original video deleted from Youtube
48. March, 11: Carlos Beltran post "In-app HBZ Payments - A technical perspective" post , *original post deleted from Twitter and Medium
49. March, 9: Carlos Beltran comment in twitter HBZ token and "what we're doing just yet" screen , *original post deleted from Twitter
50. Helbiz shows how user can pay helbiz coin in the app post , archived , *original video deleted from Youtube

2019, Q2:

52. Helbiz announced Helbiz Pay 2.0 and 3-d party integrations post , *original post deleted from Medium
54. Helbiz announced MOU for Helbiz coin post , *original post deleted from Medium

2019, Q3:

58. Helbiz team stopped to answer in official chats
63. Exmo delisted Helbiz coin post , source ,
64. Deleted Helbiz coin implementation from the Helbiz app
65. "HBZ SYSTEMS PTE. LTD." now is struck off check here ,
68. Helbiz sent Permit Application to SFMTA for San-Francisko Application
69. September, 25: SFMTA has denied permit application for Helbiz CA LLC *SFMTA denied desicion
72. Helbiz team hired firs lawer firm to take-down

2019, Q4:

75. Helbiz launches in Verona, Miami, Roma, Belgrade, Torino

2020, Q1:

76. Helbiz launches in Washington, D.C., Sanremo, Alexandria
78. Helbiz increased law pressure to with new lawyers firms
82. Helbiz partnership with Tinaba, OurStreets
83. Helbiz team finally closed official Helbiz coin chat, now it's "Helbiz press center"
84. We tried to contact all previous workers of Helbiz, all persons from white paper
85. We tried to contact all investors, including investors from strategic session video

2020, Q2:

94. May, 5: Helbiz launches new subscription Helbiz Unlimited
97. May, 28: Helbiz launches in Roma

2020, Q3:

99. July, 2: Helbiz is going to launch in United Kingdom
100. July, 6: Helbiz launches in Bari
101. July, 7: Helbiz integrate Samsung Pay
102. July, 27: Helbiz launches in Alexandria and Arlingron, Virginia
103. August, 8: Helbiz to acquire Mimoto company in Italy
104. September, 4: Helbiz lunches in Parma
105. September, 8: Helbiz launches in Napoli
106. September, 10: Helbiz approved by Department for Transportation in the United Kingdom

2020, Q4:

107. Helbiz integrates payments through Esselunga
108. October, 30: Helbiz re-launches in Miami, Florida
109. Novemner, 2: Helbiz publishes the app in Huawei gallery
110. November, 10: Helbiz lauches in Atlanta, Georgia
112. December, 3: Helbiz to acquire Skip company and going to IPO on Q1, 2021.

2021, Q1: