Helbiz had ICO in 2018.
Helbiz coin holders lost their money.
Now Helbiz listed on NASDAQ.
Helbiz coin investors filed a class-action case against Helbiz on June 19, 2020.

The Helbiz coin is a security - court desicion: on January 22, 2021

Helbiz may face a Federal Securities Fraud case

Helbiz is a bronze sponsor of inauguration 2021

Despite the open court case Helbiz tries to promote their IPO and their company, to attract IPO investors.

January 19, 2021, Salvatore Palella, CEO of Helbiz celebrating that Helbiz Inc joined President-Elect Inauguration Day as a bronze sponsor.

What does it mean:

Helbiz deceived all Helbiz coin holders, had cut off all conection with ICO. Helbiz build the project for money from tokensale and going to IPO. The Helbiz coin holders lost their money and suited Helbiz.

Nevertheless, it's possible for Helbiz to be a Bronze sponsor of inauguration 2021:

So, make you conclusions!