Helbiz had ICO in 2018.
Helbiz coin holders lost their money.
Now Helbiz listed on NASDAQ.
Helbiz coin investors filed a class-action case against Helbiz on June 19, 2020.

The Helbiz coin is a security - court desicion: on January 22, 2021

Helbiz may face a Federal Securities Fraud case

Is this a SCAM? Helbiz ICO, 2018

Helbiz is a project preparing for an IPO with Helbiz Inc.'s legal entity. But the Helbiz project raised $5m on pre-sale and $38m in February 2018 at ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for crypto-currency Helbiz coin (HBZ). Look at archived helbizcoin.io , and Etherscan , CrunchBase archived , #HelbizCoin in Twitter , #Helbiz ICO in YouTube , *original helbizcoin.io was deleted by Helbiz team

Helbiz team got money from token sale to develop Helbiz. Now, the Helbiz team, deceived all their crypto-investors and are trying to hide all connections with the ICO before IPO. Salvatore Palella and other members of Helbiz think that nobody knows the truth.

The ICO price was 0.15$ per token and fall to 0.0002$ at the minimum during the 2018-2019 years, causing Helbiz coin holders to take considerable losses.

Source: check it on ICO rating, ICOmarket, ICOBench.

Check out the Helbiz topic on BitcoinTalk with 60 pages of discussion.
Here is Helbiz WhitePaper.

Look at the video below from Helbiz ICO strategic session. *This video deleted by Helbiz Inc. request from YouTube post , archived link

There are Helbiz team, CEO of Helbiz Salvatore Palella, CEO of Skrill Lorenzo Pellegrino, Director of Alphabit Digital Currency Fund Saeed Darmaki, and others.

It is essential to mention that Skrill backs the Helbiz project from the beginning.

So, Helbiz raised money for the Helbiz platform, that includes Helbiz Pay system that uses Helbiz coin (HBZ) for all Helbiz's services. They announced the project that allows to: receive, store, transmit virtual currency (Helbiz coin/ HBZ coin) between locations and individuals.

Helbiz White Paper (crypto contract) was based on the Helbiz app, the transportation mobility system and the Helbiz Pay system, and Helbiz coin / HBZ coin as a utility token.

The Helbiz team removed all information about ICO, about the token, renamed crypto-currency, and renamed and closed Singapore company. Helbiz team is making it look that ICO was for "HBZ product" and it's "their partner". Hiding bihind Helbz Inc. they say that "HBZ isn't operated by us", but we remember that ICO was for Helbiz project and Helbiz coin. So, after ICO, Helbiz team created first version of Helbiz project. And in a 1,5 year they want to do an IPO!.

Look the review of Helbiz ICO pre-sale:
Finally, Helbiz team:

1. Ignore ICO investors and Helbiz coin holders. No announces, no connections, no messages.

2. Renamed Helbiz coin to HBZ coin

3. Helbiz team deletes everything related to the token and the ICO project from the official website of Helbiz www.helbiz.com. It separated on a new webpage www.hbzcoin.com everything associated with the token and ICO. The new site didn't have a technical team, either responsible, nor white paper, nor roadmap, lacks all the fundamentals of a crypto project that celebrated a successful ICO.

Moreover, Helbiz team claims that it isn't them. "It's our partner", "ICO was for HBZ, not for Helbiz"

Helbiz Team and admins left all official chats and channels, close all official chats (Telegram, bitcointalk forum, etc.) without any explanations to Helbiz coin investors

5. Helbiz stoped to contact ICO and Helbiz coin investors.

6. In 2019 Helbiz team renamed the Initial company with which they celebrated the ICO in Singapore HELBIZ MOBILITY SYSTEM PTE. LTD. to HBZ SYSTEMS PTE. LTD.
Look the proof: https://opencorporates.com/companies/sg/201804871N

But as Helbiz coin investors investigated "HBZ SYSTEMS PTE. LTD." now is struck off because its never started business. So, ICO relates to US based company Helbiz Inc.
You can check the information here: https://www.tis.bizfile.gov.sg.

"Striking off a company's name from the register simply means deregistering the company from the Register of Companies. The eventual outcome is that the company will be dissolved. "
So, the company that got money for ICO, was closed.

6. Helbiz had companies in the USA that prudently weren't used for ICO - Helbiz Inc, and a few branches include Helbiz CA LLC. Helbiz team announced double IPO with NASDAQ and Borsa Italiana for Helbiz Inc..

7. ICO chat was closed, the username of conversation is used for Helbiz Press Center from February 20, 2020
Helbiz coin (HBZ) lost last value.

8. Helbiz coin was delisted from crypto-exchanges with the reason "We have decided to delist these tokens due to the protection against the possible future massive losses for Traders."

9. Helbiz team requested last crypto-exchanges to delist Helbiz coin (HBZ). That looked like final exit-scam

10. Helbiz team hired lawyers to take-down this webpage and are threatening to us. They don't like our opinion based on the facts above.

11. May 5, 2020. Helbiz team closed Helbiz coin and announced Helbiz coin swap with unfair prices, and threatened to destroy Helbiz coin.

12. June 19, 2020 Helbiz coin holders and investors filed a class-action case against Helbiz Inc., Salvatore Palella, Skrill, Neteller and others, in New York Southern District Court

13. The judge preserve ordered smart contract during the pendency

14. January 22, 2021: Court decision - the Helbiz Coin is a security, that means Helbiz coin investors are investors to Helbiz

15. October 4, 2021: Helbiz may face a Federal Securities Fraud case

The Helbiz team probably wanted to hide Helbiz connection with ICO from SEC and IPO investors. Maybe they had would use dishonest financial reporting for SEC.

It's strange, isn't it?
Helbiz Pay and HBZ coin