Helbiz had ICO in 2018.
Helbiz coin holders lost their money.
Now Helbiz listed on NASDAQ.
Helbiz coin investors filed a class-action case against Helbiz on June 19, 2020.

The Helbiz coin is a security - court desicion: on January 22, 2021

Helbiz may face a Federal Securities Fraud case

The official answer to Helbiz statement from ICO investors and Helbiz coin holders

After Helbiz, probably, scammed ICO investors and Helbiz coin holders, Helbiz got a lot of comments on Twitter with hashtag #Helbiz #HelbizIPO #SCAM

o, as a result, Helbiz partners and users have noticed information about Helbiz ICO in 2018. On March 6, 2020, Helbiz published at the Twitter official statement:
We have recently learned that false and malicious statements about Helbiz inc. have been spread by a small numbers of accounts in what appears to be a coordinated attack on our company's reputation. These remarks constitute libel against our company and its amazing team of employees. Every day over hundred of dedicated Helbiz employees come to work with one goal in mind - bringing the future of shared mobility to the streets of the works. Helbiz has an outstanding reputation that has been built throught years of hard work by our employees and management team. Our credibility and good reputation are the fundamental assets upon wich we have built our business and we will not allow these false statements to harm our bussines, reputation or lives of our employees.

We have already engaged international legal counsel whe are tracking down the source of these malicious statements and once we identify the person or persons responsible for them we will file lawsuits and pursue the full range of legal remedies avaliable to us, including financial and punitive damages. As we work to track down the repson or persons responsible to these false statements the Helbiz team will continue to remein focused on creating the premiere global mobility company.
Helbiz official, Twitter account
So, we answer for this statement step-by-step:

1. Are the statements about Helbiz from ICO investors and Helbiz coin holders false and malicious?

No, at Helbiz ICO page, you find all proofs about Helbiz ICO, include video from YouTube with Helbiz Team, information about the company that was renamed and closed, articles in Mass Media, and many others.

Anyway, try to find in Google or YouTube "Helbiz ICO".

2. Are the statements of Helbiz about ICO investors and Helbiz coin holders false and malicious?

Yes, of course. The Helbiz project and team that tries to hide connection with ICO, and call their investors messages as "attack" - obviously try to blame us. Join our community to combine efforts to return our funds with those who have lost money by investing in Helbiz / Helbiz Coin / HBZ.

3. Does Helbiz have an outstanding reputation that has been built through years of hard work?

No, Helbiz has a bad reputation.

1. Helbiz had ICO in the 2018 year, sold a lot of tokens, probably, deceived investors.
A part of the Helbiz Team left Helbiz because they didn't like what was going on.
We have messages from the first Helbiz employees. These massages will be used as proof in real-life. We are not interested in publishing it here now. But the situation is clear.

2. A huge investor left Helbiz by the reason "they were not listening to my advice".
The same situation.

3. Helbiz coin was delisted from the biggest crypto-exchange with the reason "We have decided to delist these tokens due to the protection against the possible future massive losses for Traders."

4. In autumn 2018, Helbiz created a crypto-exchange Babylonia and announced the token swap for Helbiz coin.

Finally, Babylonia was closed; all information was deleted. It looks like, a definite scam from Helbiz Team. We have all pieces of evidence that still aren't published, but we will post. It's a lengthy document. For the credibility we attach a few screenshots below.

It's look like a definite scam project.

4. Has Helbiz already engaged international legal counsel?

Yes, Helbiz contacts a few international firms to take-down our site and to silencing ICO investors and Helbiz coin holders. We faced four international law firms and responsible persons. We have all proofs of contact with them. If necessary, we will publish it.

We think it's unbelievable arrogance to get money from investors, abandoned Helbiz coin (as a result, we have more than -x100) and pay cash for lawyers to silence us.

As a result of February 2020 we are in negotiation with few law firms that investigated this case.

We are willing to talk with anyone interesting in this process.
Talk to us in our Telegram community or by e-mail.

5. Finally

Helbiz team left all chats, absolutely ignore ICO investors and Helbiz coin holders. They don't do any announces about Helbiz coin, they deleted all information about Helbiz coin, they abandon Helbiz coin project and probably, deceived people.

All we are interesting - it's justice.

1. Helbiz coin should be supported by Helbiz Team and product should be developed
2. Price should increase, Helbiz coin should be listed at new crypto-exchanges
3. Skrill should support Helbiz coin as this was promised

If Helbiz thinks they can't do this - okay, please explain the situation and give us our money back.

We invested money and bought Helbiz coin, which was represented by Alessandro Del Piero, Lorenzo Pellegrino, and should be supported by Skrill. As a result the Helbiz team doesn't explain anything, that looks like they scammed us, and go to IPO for new investor's money. And now they say that we spread false and malicious information.

It's so blatantly and arrogantly.
If we had any explanation from Helbiz or plans, we would not create this site.

Guys, you think we are silly crypto-investors, that could be cheated out. But we aren't, ok?